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If you are considering seeing a psychiatrist, you are probably full of fears and doubts. How will the visit go? What will I learn about myself? What will happen to me?

A psychiatrist, like any doctor, begins the visit with an examination. As the field of interest is the human psyche, the psychiatric examination involves an in-depth interview.

It concerns both your current mental state and past events.

The doctor will ask about your current life situation, family and job. Questions about your past, the family you come from or your sexual experiences may be important, although initially incomprehensible.

Don't be afraid to ask questions. Try to be open to the doctor's questions and feel free to ask about their purpose. If you feel extremely uncomfortable with a question, say so, and if you absolutely don't want to answer, don't answer.

Sometimes, the doctor will also want to examine you somatically, i.e. like any general practitioner, or neurologically - according to your individual needs.

Sometimes, in order to deepen the diagnosis, it may be necessary to consult another specialist - most often a neurologist, internist or sexologist.

Making a final psychiatric diagnosis may require more than a few meetings and sometimes additional psychological testing.

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  • Let us know, it's important!

    Medications taken or past injuries. Many diseases, especially autoimmune or endocrine diseases, and medications may affect your mental state.

  • Professional secrecy

    Remember that a psychiatrist strictly observes professional secrecy, which is regulated by several legal acts. No information about you may be disclosed without your express consent. An exception may be a few situations strictly defined by law.

  • Treatment plan

    The treatment suggested by the doctor may be based on pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy. This is not obligatory, but it is worth considering implementing the recommendations. Only in exceptional situations, when the health or life of the patient and other people are at risk, a doctor may issue an urgent referral to a psychiatric hospital.

  • Doctor of the soul

    Few people realize how many people suffer mentally. If you feel bad and can't find the reason why, just meet and talk. Sometimes even one visit can change your perspective on certain matters, find answers to your questions or the causes of your ailments.